The Roll20 Touch Bar

During ThePandemic™ I started to play Pathfinder online using and Zoom. One of the very minor inconveniences was needing to switch back-and-forth between Roll20 and Zoom so that I could mute my mic or toggle my camera on-and-off (there are many snacks involved and no one wants to hear me crunch. Now, my Macbook […]

Media Politics

Africa on Filter

Moky Makura, discussing  How African Media Covers Africa on the Into Africa podcast There were three key insights that we found. One that the sources of news on Africa in African sources are an issue. We found out about a third but actually a lot more comes from Western US sources, mainly because 63% of […]


Scott Galloway on Robinhood

Discussing the /r/WallStreetBets Gamestop saga, Scott Galloway has this to say about day trading, in general: When you sit down to day-trade, you’re sitting down at a poker table that doesn’t take advantage of time and two or three people at that table have supercomputers, PhDs, someone whispering in their ear, and they have enough […]


Page turner

Update: This does not work on MacOS Big Sur. Unfortuantely SnapzProX wasn’t upgraded to a 64 Bit application and is no longer available. I came across an online manual that we put online to read like a book — you had to turn each page by clicking on an on-screen arrow or pressing the left-arrow […]