Referencing Podcasts in APA 7th ed. using Zotero

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Has anyone come up with a better way than this? (note: this post was revised twice to include information about handling dates, author roles, and the Container title field gleaned from @bwiernik’s replies)


APA 7th Edition requires information that are not accounted for in Zotero’s podcast fields. Specifically,

  1. The specific date the podcast aired
  2. The Name of the podcast series
  3. The role of the participants

For more detailed information see Podcast References on the APAStyle website. Here is an example citation of a podcast episode:

Webster, M., & Abumrad, J. (Hosts). (2020, September 11). Bringing gamma back, again [Audio podcast episode]. In Radiolab. WNYC Studios. https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/radiolab/articles/bringing-gamma-back


  1. As noted in other discussions on the forum you can use add Issued: followed by the date in year-month-date formate in the extra field of Zotero’s template. For example:

Issued: 2021-03-22

  1. To get Zotero to add the Series Title to the citation, add Container title: to the Extra field.

Container title: Liberation Pedagogy Podcast

If the podcast has a publisher you can add a Publisher: entry with the publisher’s name to the extra field, as well

  1. To get the authors to display with their roles, you need to put all host, guest, contributor fields in the author field, immediately after the author’s first name.

Author: Desai, Chandni (Host) Author: Naber, Nadine (Guest)

This should output as a properly formatted APA 7th podcast citation. If you add the author’s full names, Zotero will format properly using the first initials.

Desai, C (Host) & Naber, N (Guest). (2021, March 3). Liberate your research (No. 14) [Audio podcast episode]. in Liberation Pedagogy Podcast. https://anchor.fm/liberationpedagogypodcast/episodes/Episode-14—Liberate-Your-Research-erddcr


Screenshot of Zotero's template panel with the Extra field filled in
  1. No date lookups your podcast will not be searchable or sort-able by date, since there is no date field (see previously mentioned discussions to understand the history behind this, it probably isn’t fruitful to discuss here)

One last note… the required [Audio Podcast Episode] goes in Zotero’s File Type field, without the Square brackets — Zotero will add the square brackets when formatting the reference.